Don’t worry you get the chance to change your team name and confirm team before the league starts









  • There will be 5+ Teams in this league.   
  • All players have to be members of Active Reality, which is just £1.99 a week. Each league game is only £5 per player. There will be one league game a week. So it costs just £6.99 per week for each player. 
  • The league will run for 6 Weeks with final games and winners announced in the week of 13th- 20th December 2020
  • Min 2+ Players per team. You can sign up as many people per team but only 3 people per team play in the arena at any time
  • Fixtures will be announced at the start of the competition. If you are unable to make the date. Please try and arrange another date with your league manager.

  • Each team plays each other twice, “Home” & “Away”

  • All games take place in the AR Arena in Bath Leisure Centre  
  • When it’s your turn to be the “Home Team” you get to choose the map and game mode and weapons (Death Match vs King Hill and Archery vs Guns).
  • Entrants aged under 18 shall have obtained the consent of a parent or a guardian.
  • League games are Team vs Team. Each match is 2 separate 10 min games with a 5 minute break at half time.
  • All Team members need to complete this form and use the same team name so the system can match them.