You choose your co-op mission when you arrive. You can choose from a range of experiences from shark infested underwater adventures, to defending humanity against robots or even dragon slaying. These are action packed immersive, escape rooms style missions. Perfect for weekly socials, evening and weekend entertainment for friends or family.

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Space Station Tiberia

The largest meteor humanity has ever encountered is enroute to Earth. In 35 minutes it will impact the station; 10 minutes after that it will end life as we know it. We need you to restore functionality to the station before that happens. After docking you will need to reactivate the critical internal systems before heading out onto the station’s exterior to repair the Anti-Meteor Laser array and save humanity. Good luck astronauts, and godspeed.


Dragon Tower

Once Upon a time, several distant travellers came upon a small seaside town. Weary from their travels, they sought rest at the local inn. Unbeknownst to them, the village was ruled by an evil alchemist who lived isolated in his small fortress called Dragon Tower. The alchemist kept the villagers safe from terrible dragons, but did so only by feeding the dragons thieves and murders once per year atop his tower. Alas, there was no village crime this past year, but the dragons are hungry all the same! The alchemist instead accused the hapless travellers of being foreign spies and sentenced them to death. Can our brave travellers escape from Dragon Tower before the clock strikes 6 when the dragons return for their annual sacrifice?


Depths of Osiris

Welcome to deep-sea platform Oceanus 5. Our team of deep sea archaeologists have been stumped for months after the discovering the lost temple of Osiris. This is why we have called in you and your team of specialists to help us gain access to the temple and retrieve the rumoured artefact inside. You have limited oxygen, Good luck aquanauts, and godspeed.


Laser Bots

You are on a mining platform on an asteroid mining yellow crystals. Your team is preparing for evacuation when a giant robot on wheels shoots your evacuation ship out of the sky! You’ll need to destroy the giant robot before your ship can come back in and you’ve only got 10 minutes before the giant robot crushes you! Fortunately, your team has access to a giant laser that is powered by yellow crystals that can be found powering the robots around here. Using your laser swords and shields, you will have to deflect lasers, collect crystals and explode robots to survive.