Active Reality is like Virtual Reality but 10X the experience!
So let's take a step back and explain what Virtual Reality (VR) is first.
VR is a technology involving a headset with 3D vision and sound that allows you to feel like you are somewhere else (a virtual world). We like to describe it as being “in” a game or movie-like experience, not just watching it on a TV screen. You can look around and hear everything around you, just as if you are there. The first time you experience it, the immersion can take your breath away! The only thing that breaks the feeling of total immersion is you are not moving, but have to use a controller to move around the virtual world.
With Active Reality, we achieve full immersion! We use advanced technology and sensors in an ‘arena’ that allows you to move around as you would in ‘real life’. All experiences are multiplayer, so you and friends are in the same physical and virtual worlds. You are able to see your friends' avatars. You can all run, walk, jump and even 'high five' all in the virtual world. You become fully immersed and totally forget about the ‘outside world’, it is truly mind blowing!
Active Reality is as active as using some of the gym equipment, so forget about limiting ‘screen time’,  your heart will be racing, you’ll have a huge grin and you’ll be craving more. 
Trust us, once you have experienced Active Reality, you will see this as the future of active leisure.
An Active Reality membership is just £1.99/wk (first week £1 then billed 12 weeks). It gets you 50% off all the experiences.
You can cancel anytime online, not that you’d want to!
Once you are a member the best thing is to do the free 20 mins taster session, or if you're booking as a family/group - book the AR Arena for a private 75 mins introduction (£90 for private session for up to 6 people so just £15 pp).
Once you've completed a taster or intro session, its just £5 per play for 20 mins.
You can read more about the experiences here and some videos here
All games are cartoon style and involve shooting or archery.
Open Plays attract a range of ages and are popular with children and adults who will be playing together, so we recommend a minimum age of 10 years old.
If you have younger children we recommend a Private Play booking which can facilitate from 6 years old upwards. 
We are a new business so very keen to answer any questions and learn how we can improve the information we provide.
Yes, simply join as a member and you can book a private play session. This means you have the whole arena to yourself and can invite the family and/or friends (max 6 people in the arena at any one time).
We will need all participants to sign the waiver prior to attending please. 
No, a member can book a private play session which means you have the whole arena to yourself and can invite the family and/or friends as guests (max 6 people in the arena at any one time).
We will need all participants to sign the waiver prior to attending please. 
The safety and well-being of our users, members and teams remain our top priority.
Active Reality is a non-contact sport with built in distancing within the virtual games to further prevent contact.
We use an industry leading booking system to control the number of people in the rooms at any one time and enable track and trace. All visits must be pre-booked.
Social distancing must always be maintained.
We have enhanced cleaning regimes that follow the fitness industry and Public Health England guidelines. Our dedicated staff will be cleaning throughout the day working to a comprehensive cleaning protocol.
We disinfect all VR devices by wiping them with disinfecting wipes thoroughly.
Please do not turn up too early for your session. There is a strict policy of no loitering so any guests arriving early will be asked to wait outdoors.
For our full COVID protocol Click here

All players have to be members of Active Reality, which is just £1.99 a week.

Each league game is only £5 per player. There will be one league game a week. So it costs just £6.99 per week for each player. 

Save 50% and become a member for just £1.99

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